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Building strength with the Institutional Bank.

“We set ourselves apart by striving to provide our customers with world-class insights. This means we put our focus and energy into deeply understanding a customer’s needs and providing them with meaningful solutions to unlock and promote growth.” Lyn Cobley, Chief Executive, Westpac Institutional Bank

At Westpac Institutional Bank, we pride ourselves on the strength and longevity of our relationships. In fact, we believe the strength of our relationships is a key driver in enabling our customers to achieve long term success and growth.

Westpac Institutional Bank takes a consultative approach. We get into each organisation we work with to give us the understanding we need to deliver outstanding results for our customers. Having this deeper understanding ensures we are in a position to respond to the changing landscape of our customers' operations and industry.

At Westpac Institutional Bank each customer is matched with a specialist team who focus, not only on their immediate needs, but also on long term strategic goals.

Our Relationship Managers provide every customer with a dedicated resource who is focused on providing strategic connections across Westpac Institutional Bank’s global network of industry analysts, economists and product specialists.

Partnering with Westpac Institutional Bank brings the confidence of working with like-minded professionals who understand, not only how to potentially maximise opportunities, but also how to effectively manage risk. Our customers benefit from the experience, expertise and insights which have seen us succeed throughout our history.

The latest insights, straight to Westpac Institutional Bank customers.

WIB IQ is the new, complete source for Westpac Institutional Bank’s economic and financial markets strategy – exclusively available to Westpac Institutional Bank customers only. Dedicated to sharing Australian and New Zealand insights and the effects of global events on our corner of the world, WIB IQ is Westpac’s world-class thinking in real time.

WIB IQ allows Westpac Institutional Bank customers to have up-to-date economic and strategic research, available in the one place. Content is published with real time push notifications that are delivered straight to your inbox, smartphone or tablet. This way, you’ll be able to respond to market changes as they happen.

Deeper analysis.

Gathering insights from Australia, New Zealand, Asia as well as the rest of the world, WIB IQ is authored by Westpac’s top thinkers and provides you with economic and financial markets strategy as well as insightful analysis on the effects global events have on the Australian and New Zealand market. Our experts provide:
  • Commodity research and forecasting
  • Foreign exchange research and forecasting
  • Guidance on economic outlook and trends in Australia, New Zealand and key trading countries
  • Industry insights for the agriculture, automotive, construction, energy and resources, property, retail and transports and logistics sectors
  • Analysis and insights for the Bonds, Swaps and Derivatives markets
  • Fundamental and relative value views on credit products - All aspects of Australian and NZ credit markets as well as a growing presence in Asian markets
  • Tactical and strategic interest rate recommendations and insight - Focused on core AUD and NZD markets as well as including cross-market strategies and forecast over the short, medium and long term.

Maximise your WIB IQ experience.

WIB IQ lets you choose the content you receive, according to your individual areas of interest. Make the most of your WIB IQ experience  with the following features:
  • Utilise interactive charts
  • Access up-to-date market data and commentary
  • Bookmark content to read at a later date
  • Download and print reports
  • Choose various options for receiving new content
  • Contact with your Global Relationship Manager directly
  • Search historical content
  • Search and browse content by category, author, type and publication
  • View videos and other rich media

Abdullah Khan

Director, Corporate Sales, Asia



I’m a member of WIB IQ but I’m having trouble logging in. Who can help me resolve this?
Contact our WIB IQ technical support team by emailing

I lost my phone. What should I do?
If your number hasn't changed you don't need to notify us. If you were using the WIB IQ application, simply download the application again and login.
If your number has changed, contact your Relationship Manager – they can arrange for your new phone number to be updated in our system. Simply access WIB IQ on your desktop, or new mobile device and select ‘Contact’.

How do I update my email address or phone number?
Once you log in, click on MY WIB IQ, select the Update My Details tab and make your updates. An email will then be sent to your Global Relationship Manager advising them of the change.

How do I get in touch with my Global Relationship Manager?
Log in to WIB IQ on your desktop, or mobile device and select ‘Contact’.

How do I update my communication preferences?
Log in to WIB IQ on your desktop, or mobile device and follow the steps below:

  1. Select My WIB IQ

  2. Select Notification

  3. Select or deselect to receive notifications by mobile or email.

I unsubscribed from receiving email notifications. Why do I keep receiving them?
You may not have successfully unsubscribed from receiving email notifications. To check, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Select My WIB IQ

  2. Select Notification Channels

  3. Ensure email is set to ‘No’.

If email notification is set to ‘No’ and you’re still receiving them, contact our WIB IQ technical support team by emailing

I unsubscribed from receiving mobile phone notifications. Why do I keep receiving them?
You may not have successfully unsubscribed from receiving mobile notifications. To check, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Access My WIB IQ on your desktop or mobile device

  2. Select Notification Channels

  3. Ensure mobile is set to ‘No’.

If mobile notification is set to ‘No’ and you’re still receiving them, contact our WIB IQ technical support team by emailing

How do I cancel my WIB IQ registration?
Contact your Relationship Manager by accessing WIB IQ on your desktop or mobile device and select ‘Contact’.

Can I customise my subscriptions so I only receive updates on a specific keyword or industry?
No, but there’s a feature on the WIB IQ mobile device that enables you to select keywords as ‘Interests’. Then you can filter by your Interests.  To do this, just access WIB IQ on your mobile and follow the steps below:

  1.  Select My WIB IQ

  2.  Select My Interests and click on ‘Add interests’

  3. In the Search Field, search for keywords or select them from the available list. When you have finished selecting your interests, click done.

If your keyword doesn’t appear, you can manually scroll through the list to see the Interests which are available.

How do I update my password within WIB IQ?
Simply access WIB IQ on your desktop or mobile device and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to ‘Log in’
  2. Select ‘Change password’ – enter you password.  Enter your new password and confirm.  A message will appear confirming that your password has changed.

I forgot my WIB IQ password. How can I retrieve my log in details?
Simply access WIB IQ on your desktop or mobile device and then follow these steps:

  1. Go to ‘Log in’

  2. Select ‘Forgotten Password’ – a new password will be sent to your mobile phone.

What is WIB’s privacy policy?
We’re committed to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your financial information. Our Privacy Policy describes how we keep this commitment and comply with the National Privacy Principles. To find out more, visit

What is WIB’s data protection policy?
We understand that when accessing our website or interacting with us online, the privacy of confidentiality of personal information is of the utmost importance to you. To find out more, visit

What browser do I need to run WIB IQ?
WIB IQ supports all modern browsers including Chrome version 17 and above, Internet Explorer version 8 and above and Firefox version 4 and above.  

Javascript should be enabled to enhance your browsing experience.

What screen resolution does WIB IQ support?
The minimum screen resolution for WIB IQ is 1024 x 768.

What mobile devices are supported by the WIB IQ application?
WIB IQ is available on all modern smartphones, including IOS version 4 and above, Blackberry version 7 and above and Android version 2 and above.  You can download WIB IQ from Google Play for Android powered phones, iTunes for iPhone and iPad or from the Blackberry App store.

I opened a link to a WIB IQ article on my phone and could not access all data
If you opened a link to a WIB IQ article on your phone you will not be able to interact with charts. The best way to access WIB IQ on your phone is to download the application. 


What kind of content is available on WIB IQ?
You’ll find the latest market commentary and insights from Westpac’s global economic and financial markets strategy teams including Economics, Commodities, Foreign Exchange and Fixed Income.

Where can I find a list of content authors available on WIB IQ?

To view bios of all our authors, access WIB IQ on your desktop and go to ‘About’, then select ‘Author bios’.

How can I find recent or historical data on your website?
WIB IQ publishes content for up to two years. To access content from within this time range, access WIB IQ on your desktop or mobile and go to ‘Search’.

Near ‘Search’, you’ll see the option to conduct an ‘Advanced Search’. Within this filter, you can indicate the time range with which you’d like to search for content. If you’re looking for content prior to this date, please contact your Relationship Manager.

How can I download market data into a spreadsheet?
This is currently not possible via WIB IQ. To access this information speak to your Relationship Manager or sales person.

How do I download an article from WIB IQ?
Just follow the steps below (you will need a PDF viewing program):

  1. Select the article you wish to download

  2. Locate the Adobe symbol

  3. Click on the Adobe symbol. This article will now be converted into a PDF

  4. From here you can ‘Print’ your PDF.

What type of messages will I receive once I sign up for the WIB IQ alerts?
If you select mobile notifications: alerts will appear against the WIB IQ app. This indicates how many notifications you have received.
If you select email notifications: you will receive an email with a link to view the articles which you are subscribed to.

Can I get news on my mobile device?
Yes. With the WIB IQ app, you can access the latest WIB financial and strategic content, straight to your mobile or tablet.

How do I subscribe to receive publications?
It’s simple – just follow these steps for desktop:

  1. Log on to

  2. Go to 'My WIB IQ'

  3. Select ‘Publications’

  4. Click on 'Add publications'

  5. Select relevant publications.

To subscribe to receive specific publications on your mobile:

  1. Log in with the WIB app or log on to

  2. Go to 'My WIB IQ'

  3. Select 'Notifications'

  4. Set your mobile preference to 'Yes'.

Customer Service.

How do I sign up to WIB IQ?
To access expert analysis and real-time information on WIB IQ, your company must be a customer of Westpac Institutional Bank. If you’d like to access WIB IQ for yourself or a staff member, simply apply via Select apply to access WIB IQ or contact your Relationship Manager directly.

How do I download the WIB IQ application?

  1. On your mobile device, visit and select the relevant application store in relation to your device

  2. Once you’ve downloaded the app on your mobile, you’ll need to register

  3. To register, you will need you username and password which was sent to you via SMS

  4. Log in with these details – you will be prompted to change your password.

I don’t qualify for WIB IQ. What other options are available?
We are still well placed to help you with your business finance needs via Westpac’s Business Bank. To find out more, visit and enter your postcode to find your nearest branch.

I’m not a WIB customer. Can I still access the WIB IQ application?
WIB IQ is for Westpac Institutional Bank customers only. If you are interested in finding out more about how Westpac Institutional Bank can help your company please contact:
Property, Government & Infrastructure Relationship Team: +61 2 8254 1368
Financial Institutions Relationship Team: +61 2 8253 8350
Large Corporate Relationship Team: +61 2 8254 8445
Corporate Business Group Relationship Team: +61 2 8254 9134

Get the most out of WIB IQ.

Here are some general handy hints:

  • Turn any article into a PDF to print out or share with colleagues
  • View related articles based on keywords and authors
  • Search all content on WIB IQ using the search field in the top right corner

For Westpac Institutional Bank customer​s:

  • Tick 'Remember me' when you log in to access WIB IQ faster
  • Bookmark articles and videos to refer to later

Customise your experience using My WIB IQ after login. Set your content alerts to be notified via your mobile and/or email when your chosen publications are released. To personalise your publication preferences subscribe to the content most relevant to you based on categories and publications.


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